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This is the best thing that happened in my life. This is the only thing that could help me get rid of anxiety. I have panic attacks and this helped me to stop them. I feel like a new person after listening to it for just 5 days. I am going to listen to it everyday now. Thank you so much Mahakatha team for bringing such a beautiful thing on Earth.
- Mina Kaur-Jones

Become The Best Version Of Yourself with these sacred mantras

We at Mahakatha have developed this collection of sound healing based Meditation Mantras that let you relax quickly and effectively, leaving you in a calm, peaceful, and joyful state of mind - every single time you hear it.

Key Features

 Ancient Chants From India enhances your experience of the divine—instantly!

Works for All Ages

These Powerful Mantras are tuned for all ages including babies, children, youths, office goers, housewives and seniors. These Mantras will ultimately help you to remain calm, improve focus and concentration and lead everyone towards a peaceful and happy life

Play it, Chant it, Listen to it

You can listen to these mantras while you are on your way to work, while meditating, while working out, doing your house chores, or playing them early in the morning as you start your day. You can chant them if you wish to dive deeper into chanting.

Attract Infinite Abundance

Mantras help achieve a calm state of mind and can be used to access the subconscious, allowing you to manifest wealth, good health, and better relationships.

Ready to start your healing journey ?

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3 Steps To Using Meditation Mantras
To Promote Healing And Happiness

Set an intention in your mind related to any area of your life that could use a boost. What would you like to have more of? More restful sleep? More fulfilling relationships? Our guides are here to help you create the life you desire.

Now, play the mantra and focus on the intention you chose. As our guides teach you how to use the mantras along with your breath and meditation, or to listen to them while going about your day, so you can align yourself with each mantra's healing powers.

Once you have chanted the mantra and aligned yourself with it, you feel a rush of positive energy surge through your body and mind. You relax completely. Your awareness expands and you want to remain in this blissful state forever.

Here's what you get with the
Ancient Chants from India Bundle

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Get access to sixteen essential mantra albums, which include over hundred mantras, as part of the Ancient Chants from India Gold Edition.

Here's the list of all the albums you get with the Gold Edition.

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 1 (worth $39)

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 2 (worth $39)

Ancient Chants from India - Volume 3 (worth $39)

Ancient Healing Chants of Shiva (worth $29)

Ancient Ganesha Mantras (worth $29)

Ancient Chants for Focus & Motivation (worth $29)

Divine Lakshmi Mantras (worth $29)

Ancient Yoga Mantras for De-Stress (worth $29)

Ancient Medicine Buddha Mantras (worth $29)

Soulful Krishna Mantras (worth $29)

Ancient Powerful Shiva Mantras (worth $29)

Ancient Chakra Healing Meditation Mantras  (worth $29)

Zodiac Mantras for Success  (worth $29)

Ancient Gayatri Mantras for Healing 
& Meditation  (worth $29)

Healing Music from India - Volume 1  (worth $19)

Enchanted India Music (worth $19)

Complete Chanting PDF Guides  (worth $199)

✦ BONUS : Prosperity Meditation with 108 times Chanting of Lakshmi Beeja Mantra ✦

✦ BONUS : Divine Light Guided Meditation With Nam Myoho Renge Kyo ✦

✦ BONUS : Guided OM Meditation to Restore Peace ✦

✦ BONUS : Guided Creative Visualization for Sleep with the Gate Gate mantra ✦

✦ BONUS : Guided Yoga Beginning Meditation for Groundedness ✦

✦ BONUS : Divine Confidence Guided Meditation ✦

✦ BONUS : Guided Meditation for Quick Rejuvenation ✦

✦ BONUS : 3-Step Money Manifestation Guide ✦

✦ BONUS : 7-Day Inner Om Awakening Challenge ✦

✦ BONUS : The 3 Secrets of Om Namah Shivaaya ✦

✦ BONUS : 7-Day I am Love Transformation Challenge ✦

✦ BONUS : Yoga Mudras for Healing ✦

✦ BONUS : Wake Up To Miracles 3 Powerful Morning Rituals ✦

✦ BONUS : 5 Golden Secrets of Karma ✦

✦ BONUS : Soulful Krishna Coloring Book ✦

✦ BONUS : Simple Yoga to De-Stress - Advanced Workshop ✦

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